E-BOOK: Retrievals of the Third Kind

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In this brand new 175 page fully illustrated book, Michael Schratt (military aerospace historian) examines the most obscure, forgotten, and neglected UFO crash/retrieval cases compiled by the late researcher Leonard Stringfield and his assistant Patty McGowan. During March of 2013, Michael Schratt was granted unprecedented access by MUFON HQ to this previously unavailable original 65 binders of UFO crash/retrieval correspondence/documentation. A significant majority of these C.R. cases are included in this publication for the very first time. Sources for this material include the following: 3-star USAF generals, USAF fighter pilots, commercial airline pilots, astronauts, air traffic controllers, neurosurgeons, pathologists, U.S. Army officers, U.S. Navy personnel, U.S. Marines, theoretical physicists and mathematicians, military police, high level Pentagon officials, top military brass, scientists and engineers who worked at Wright Patterson AFB.
Topics include the following: Bombshell UFO statements by former astronaut Gordon Cooper, 1957 UFO landing at Edwards AFB, 1963 U.S. Marine UFO encounter, the alien morgue at Wright Patterson AFB, 1951 Gordon Cooper attempted UFO intercept, 1973 Jackie Gleason alleged alien encounter at Homestead AFB, 1965 UFO crash/retrieval at Fort Riley Kansas, UFO’s stored at NASA Ames Research Center, 1977 alien “shoot-out” at Lumberton Ohio, 1953 TOP SECRET alien autopsy at Walter Reed Hospital, UFO’s filmed by B-29’s over the North Pole during 1943-1955, 1978 alien shot at Fort Dix/McGuire AFB, alien cadavers stored in “cryogenic suspension” inside the “Blue Room”, 1961 UFO crash/retrieval at Revenna Ohio, 1976 El Paso TX UFO crash/retrieval, secret underground UFO base at Fort Hood TX, the real UFO warehouse, the mysterious alien “black box”, Project “Red Light” and much more. Strap in and prepare yourself for a non-holds-barred, shoot-from-the-hip exposure of the most highly classified secrets held by the United States government.





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