Type: For Current Field Investigators *ONLY*
Price: $9.00


This Field Investigator Patch will help identify your status during field investigations or will make a nice addition to any of your other MUFON FI apparel or gear. This is a very high quality 4"x 4"x 4" patch with black edging. This MUFON custom design patch is made of a durable material and has the option of an adhesive or stitch-on application to your jacket, FI duffel bag or FI throw and go-bag!

The circle with the black line is a stylized magnifying glass - the traditional tool of the investigator. The constellation is Zeta Reticuli as revealed to Betty Hill by the aliens during her abduction.  The three white ovals with red extending are meant to represent UFOs, the object of our investigations.


Available for purchase by Certified Field Investigators only! If not an FI, the item order will be cancelled and refunded.

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