NEW!!! MUFON CASES OF INTEREST 16 months calendar

Price: $25.00


Introducing the new MUFON Calendar covering 16 months (36 pages) - September 2024-December 2025.

One of the most popular items last year for MUFON has been our Calendar. Rich graphics by our witnesses, reasonable price, incredible and beautiful editing, has provided us with a very unique way to reach our audience with comprehensive first person and often artistic accounts from our witnesses.
Many times, MUFON receives photos and videos from witnesses but we can do little with them as the majority are out of focus points of light in a night sky that remain out of focus rendering those night photos and videos useless. We place a high priority on witness drawings instead as that is what the witness sees with their own eyes!

Over 70 important UFO historical events and sightings included.

Neon CRM by Neon One