2023 SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS Friend or Foe 2.0

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2023 Symposium Proceedings available!

Speakers and their notes include:


  • David Paulides - "Missing 411 The UFO Connection"

  • Grant Cameron - " The Good, the Bad, the Consciousness, and the Intelligence Behind the UFO Phenomenon"

  • Yvonne Smith - "After Three Decades Of Research...The Abduction Experience Is Alive and Well"

  • Thiago Luiz Ticchetti - "From the Past to the Present of Brazilian Ufology: Are Aliens Among Us?"

  • Avi Loeb, PhD - "The Galileo Project: In Search for Technological Interstellar Objects"

  • Barbra Schuessler Sobhani - "Human Physiological Effects from UAP Encounters"

  • Michael Masters, PhD - "Friend?"

  • Linda Zimmerman - "The Consquences of Contact: For Humans and Animals"

  • Mike Cleland - "Owls and UFO Contact: Accounts Synchronicity and a Deeper Reality"

  • Raymond Szymanski - "Close Encounter Confessions: Diverse Perceptions of Alien Intent"

  • Teri Lynge-Kehl - "Alien Healing and Spontaneous Human Regeneration"


(231 Pages in Color)


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