MUFON "Cases of Interest" CALENDAR 2024!!

Type: Holiday Gifts!
Price: $20.00


The Inaugural Edition of The MUFON Calendar covering all of 2023 has arrived!

Field Investigators of The Mutual UFO Network have discovered over the years that sometimes a sketch
by a witness from one of our 132,000 case database reports not only conveys a much clearer portrayal
of what the person witnessed but some of these thirty thousand illustrations we possess are works of

Our database contains tens of thousands of photos and videos. However, many depict simple points of
light in a night sky that even the best iPhone camera cannot adequately display. The human eye sees
things in a way the camera lens cannot.
Some of our witnesses paint very personal watercolors or oils. Some use architectural software which
presents UFOs like an engineer’s schematic.

Each month will show a drawing or painting accompanied by the MUFON Case Number, date of
occurrence and the short narrative which the witness submitted to us in their report.
We are sure you will enjoy this collector’s item calendar. We also know that you will be fascinated by
the hundreds of paintings and drawings to come in future editions of this calendar!
The calendar is on sale now at the MUFON.COM Store and will be available at our Symposium in
Cincinnati, Ohio August 25 th through the 28 th .

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