The Alien Jigsaw

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Category: UFO and alien abductions, autobiographical, written in journal style, contains 51 illustrations and photographs, endorsements by top writers and researchers in the field. It is one of the best books in educating the public who have basic or no knowledge on the abduction phenomenon.

330 pages, paperback, published 1995

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Katharina Wilson has been investigated by Budd Hopkins, Mutual UFO Network investigator Vicki Lyons, and Mutual UFO Network consultant Dan C. Overlade. She was State Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network, and served two years on the Board of Directors for the Northwest UFO Group. The Alien Jigsaw chronicles the first thirty-two years of Katharina Wilson's life. With over one hundred entries from her journal readers will learn about the many different types of alien beings, unusual crafts, and possible military/government involvement. The Alien Jigsaw is truly a journal of a lifetime and a "must read" for anyone involved with or interested in the UFO phenomenon. -- Midwest Book Review

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